Concrete Cleaning

ReadyClean provides professional Concrete Cleaning to the Des Moines, IA area.

Professional Commercial Concrete Cleaning

Professional Commercial Concrete Cleaning

As a business owner, you want to keep your commercial property looking its best. Grimy walkways, loading docks, and other concrete structures can make your establishment look uninviting to potential customers.

By partnering with ReadyClean Exterior Cleaning Services, you'll have a local business keeping your property in tip-top shape. We're cleaning what matters most!

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Our Concrete Cleaning Services

Our Concrete Cleaning Services

We'll take care of all your concrete surfaces, including:

  • sidewalk

    Sidewalk Cleaning

    We'll clean off gum, oil stains, and general dinginess to keep your sidewalks safe and inviting!

  • surface machine

    Walkway Cleaning

    Our experts ensure your customers and employees have a safe and clean path to the building.

  • parking

    Parking Lots & Garage Cleaning

    We'll tackle tough oil and rubber stains, giving customers a glowing first impression of your facility.

  • noun-trash-can-5413924-315A73

    Dumpster Pad Cleaning

    Keep your workspace safe and sanitary with periodic dumpster pad cleanings.

  • loading-dock

    Loading Dock Cleaning

    Loading docks see a lot of use, but we'll keep them clean!

The ReClean Guarantee

Our ReClean Guarantee is our promise that if you're unhappy with your cleaning after it's done, we will make it right!

Simply contact us to come back at no additional cost and take care of any issues you may have experienced during the initial cleaning process.

The ReadyClean Difference

The ReadyClean Difference
  • local


    We're a 100% local business, and we're proud to be rooted in the community and delivering big results. Our customers are our neighbors, and we wouldn't have it any other way.

  • compensation

    Living Wage Employer

    We're committed to offering industry-leading compensation that lets our employees take care of their families.

  • pressure-washer

    The Best Equipment

    With industry-leading equipment and tools on every service vehicle, we have what it takes to get even the toughest stains out and get the job done.

  • communication


    No dropped balls or missed appointments- we'll keep you informed about our plans from first contact until the day of your cleaning.

  • insured

    Fully Insured

    To protect your peace of mind, we have a $2,000,000 general liability policy. 

  • reliable

    Our ReClean Guarantee

    Dissatisfied with your cleaning? With our ReClean Guarantee, we'll make it right and clean it again!

Why Use Ready Clean Exterior Cleaning?

Why Use Ready Clean Exterior Cleaning?

Savvy business owners are always looking to save money. So why is it worth it to go with the ReadyClean pros instead of doing your own concrete cleaning?

  • fast

    Save Time

    With our flexible schedule, we're happy to work around your business hours to clean at a time that's convenient for you. And with our clear communication, you'll never have to worry that you've missed us.

    We have the tools and training to get a weekend's worth of concrete cleaning done in an hour. The less time you spend sidewalk cleaning, the more time you can spend running your business.

  • compensation

    Save Money

    What's the best way to get clean concrete that looks great over the long haul? Clean it well the first time! 

    Not only will a professional concrete cleaning last longer, but regular cleanings can even lengthen the lifespan of your concrete. Professional cleaning protects your investment by clearing away grime that can eat away at your concrete and spotting small cracks before they become major problems.

    Molds can produce acids that eat away at and degrade your concrete. It doesn't take long for a mold colony to establish itself, so regular cleanings are a must!

  • reliable

    Be Safe

    Pressure washing can cause serious injury if you're not careful. A professional technician has the required experience to operate a pressure washer and handle toxic chemicals safely.

    Regular cleanings will help improve the air quality around your business, too. Keep your staff and customers safe from germs, mold, mildew, algae, and oil spills with commercial concrete cleaning and walkway cleaning.

    Regular concrete cleaning helps keep your business safe!

  • flexible


    Get a modern client experience on YOUR schedule with our free onsite and virtual consultation options.

Commercial Concrete Cleaning FAQs

Commercial Concrete Cleaning FAQs

With the increasing popularity of commercial concrete cleaning, some frequently asked questions consistently come up. Here are some of the most common:

At ReadyClean, we use several different concrete cleaning techniques depending on what needs to be done. We'll use a mixture of pressure washing and targeted cleaning solutions to get your concrete looking as good as new!

Sidewalk cleaning and walkway cleaning require trained technicians and quality equipment. You'll get all that and more with ReadyClean!

Yes, it is okay to pressure wash concrete in most circumstances. However, to minimize the risk of damage, you need a trained operator with plenty of experience. That's why it's worth hiring the pros at ReadyClean.

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