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Deck and Fence restoration in Des Moines, IA and Knoxville, TN

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"My experience with ReadyClean was fabulous! They came out right away to give me an estimate, which was very reasonable. Then it did not take long to get us scheduled to have the service done. Aaron, that did the work was very pleasant to work with, and our dingy, hail marked fence looks new again. I highly recommend them."

Karen Olsen Wiles

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A before and after look of a deck being cleaned.

DECK & FENCE Restoration

Keep your yard inviting

Restore the natural beauty of your wood or composite fences and decks with a professional power wash from ReadyClean Exterior Cleaning Services. A power wash is a great way to remove years of staining, grit safely, and grime and prepare wood surfaces for priming, painting, staining, and other projects. We offer many service options to match your budget and cleaning needs.

So, if you need to get your treated wood, cedar wood, exotic wood or composite decking ready for a home improvement project or just want to restore some of the original beauty, contact ReadyClean Exterior Cleaning Services for more information and get us on the job quickly.

We look forward to working with you.

Make a fresh and
Clean start

Protects and extend the wood's life

Eliminates mold, moss, and mildew build-up

Maintains safe, non-slippery surface

Reduces deterioration of wood

Creates a clean and safe family environment

Immediate property value increase

Our Cleaning


We remove all surface debris.


We prepare surface for cleaning. If staining, we prep work area cover any surface not intended to be restored.


We utilize a specialized two-step cleaning and wood rejuvenation process.


Thoroughly rinse deck to ensure all cleaning solutions are removed from surfaces.


Enjoy your new fence or deck!

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ReadyClean Exterior Cleaning Services in Knoxville, Tennessee.