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Why you need to pressure wash in the fall

Pressure Washing Your Home in the Fall: Clean Before the First Frost

Fall is the time to pressure wash

There’s something about the crisp air and changing leaves of fall that makes us want to purge, organize, and clean. Many homeowners turn their attention to maintaining the exterior of their home during this time of year. Why? Because a pressure washer and seasonal weather work together to make it easier than any other time of year! But did you know that pressure washing your home in the fall brings a lot of benefits?


However you choose to tackle your home’s exteriors – be it in one fell swoop or a little bit at a time – there are several benefits to pressure washing your home in the fall rather than waiting until spring. 


Let’s take a look at why autumn is the perfect season for giving your house a new lease on life.

You’ll Dispose of Summer’s Dust and Dirt

Fall is the perfect time to send all that summertime dust and dirt out with the leaves. A pressure washer will give you the ability to remove fall’s accumulated grime with ease. 


Whether it’s pollen and dust from the trees surrounding your home, or the remnants of last year’s summer gardening projects, a pressure washer will help you remove any unwanted substances. You’ll be surprised to find everything that has settled on your house during the warmer months. 


Even if you clean your house regularly with a microfiber cloth, a pressure washer will help you remove any stubborn dirt and grime that remains. A pressure washer’s high-pressure spray can blast away summer debris. This includes dust, pollen, and other particles that have accumulated on your home’s exterior.


When your home simply looks grimy from the summer season, pressure washing in the fall can make a big difference. 

Get Rid of Moss and Algae Buildup by Pressure Washing

If you have a lot of moss or algae on the exterior of your house, a pressure washer is the perfect tool to rid of it for the fall season.


It’s true that you can use a scrub brush and cleaning solution to remove some of the moss and algae growth. Some people even make their own cleaning solution and scrub with a bristle brush. But that sounds like a lot of work, doesn’t it?


This is why it’s best to pressure wash in the fall when you have moss and algae buildup. A pressure washer will blast away a summer’s worth of buildup in a matter of minutes. There’s no need to break your back!


When you pressure wash your home, you’ll not only remove existing moss and algae, but also prevent future growth as well. That’s because a pressure washer can blast away moss’s nutrients and strip it away from your home. Algae and moss will be gone just in time for the winter season.  

Helps Detect Any Damage to Your Home

As you pressure wash your home, you may find damage that wasn’t there before. This is an important discovery to make in the fall, as it will give you time to repair any issues before spring arrives. 


Waiting until spring to discover damage to your home’s exterior could result in costly repairs. Unfortunately, many contractors are booked throughout the year. This means that damaged siding and other issues may have to wait months for repairs. While you wait, the damage is likely to get worse. You may even find that your home is losing energy from the damage.


Pressure washing your house in the fall will allow you to thoroughly inspect your home for any damage. Meanwhile, you can make any necessary repairs before it gets too cold to do any work. If you find damage as you’re pressure washing your home, don’t panic. There are several ways to repair common exterior issues. Whether it’s a crack in a wall, a hole in the roof, or a worn-out facade, there’s an easy solution available.


Increases Autumn Curb Appeal

Get rid of mildew, algae, and moss, and your home will look cleaner and fresher. This is the best way to instantly increase autumn curb appeal will increase as well. 


Cleaning your home with a pressure washer will also help you improve any fading that may have occurred as a result of UV rays. You can take the time to paint or replace your siding now if the color isn’t up to your standards.


You may even want to replace a few outdoor lights with new ones, providing better illumination for your home’s exterior.


Looking for other ways to improve your curb appeal for the autumn season? Try the following:


  • Paint your entry door for a new look and feel to your home.
  • Wash your windows to remove dirt and debris.
  • Power wash your sidewalk, driveway and porch for a fresh feel.
  • Use seasonal pumpkins and squash to accent your outdoor space.
  • Swap out your exterior porch lighting.
  • Add a new welcome mat to your front door. 

Pressure Washing in the Fall Gives You Peace of Mind

Let’s be honest: All of the benefits on this list are excellent reasons to use a pressure washer on the exterior of your house. But perhaps the best reason to power wash your home in the fall is that it gives you peace of mind. 


  • When you maintain your home’s exterior, you can more easily identify and repair any issues before they become costly repairs.
  • You’ll also feel rest assured that your family is living in a clean home, free of harmful substances and pests. 
  • By pressure washing your home in the fall, you’ll know that you’ve done all the maintenance you can do for the season. 
  • You’ll have the satisfaction of knowing that your home looks its best, and that it’s ready for snowy winter weather.
  • Use the autumn season as a time to clean your roof. Over the summer months, twigs, leaves and branches likely accumulated on your roof. This is also true for moss and algae. Start thinking about cleaning your roof now to keep it properly functioning through the winter season. 
  • Don’t forget to clean your gutters. Not only will this help improve curb appeal, but it can prevent ice dams along with other costly problems. If you aren’t confident enough to climb on a ladder and clean your gutters, contact us today for help. 


Pressure Wash Before Freezing Temperatures Arrive

You don’t want to wait until spring to pressure wash your home. Freezing temperatures that arrive in late fall mean that you won’t be able to power wash for long without risk of injury. 


If you wait until spring, you may also be too late in the season to get the most out of your power washing effort. Pressure washing your home in the fall will keep your exterior in its best condition. Contact us today to get started.

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