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Exterior Cleaning Services

Exterior Cleaning Services: The Benefits & What You Need to Know

Why You Should hire Professional Exterior Remodeling Services

Do you clean your kitchen? How about your bedroom and bathroom? Of course! No matter what our cleaning schedules are, we all make sure to address these areas regularly to keep our homes safe, sanitary and looking nice. But many people don’t think about hiring exterior cleaning services until their home appears in total disarray. 

So when was the last time you’ve cleaned the exterior of your home? These highly visible areas need the same attention that you give to the interior of your home. 

Your home’s exterior is constantly exposed to harsh weather conditions, pollutants, wildlife and other grime. However, the truth is that most people rarely ever think about cleaning it. The dirt quietly accumulates until one day you realize that your house looks run down, unkempt and just plain dirty. 

Read on to see all of the ways that exterior cleaning services can benefit you.

Exterior Cleaning Services Will Wash the Following:

Cleaning the exterior of your home involves cleaning all of the external surfaces that are exposed to the elements. This may include your:

  • Roof
  • Facade: whether it’s siding, brick, stucco or any other material
  • Gutters
  • Exterior doors including garage doors
  • Windows
  • Exterior structures such as garages, barns, gazebos, pergolas, etc
  • Decks and patios
  • Sidewalks or other pathways
  • Driveway

Why Should I Contact Professional Exterior Cleaning Services?

Having your home’s exterior cleaned sounds like a pretty big job so you may be tempted to ignore it. But a neglected exterior can cause more problems than you think. 

First, consider all of the dirt and grime your home’s exterior is exposed to every day:

  • Weather- Dirt, dust, wind, rain, snow, ice, soot and more.
  • Air Contaminants- Whether it’s naturally occurring gunk like pollen, or industrial dirt from smog and car exhausts, the air can deposit a ton of sediment on your home.
  • Tree debris- If there are trees anywhere on your property your roof and gutters are sure to be stained and filled with leaves, twigs, seeds, decomposing fruit, sap, needles and other debris. 
  • Wildlife- Birds, squirrels, raccoons and other wildlife have full access to any part of your home exposed to the great outdoors. The leave behind dirt, food particles, feathers and feces that can eat away at your home and attract bugs. 
  • Mold, Mildew and Algae- If you see green growth on your roof or siding, it’s important to clean it off before it has a chance to start eating away at your home.

With all of that exposure, it’s no surprise that you home would become dirty. But cleanliness isn’t the only reason you should scrub down your home. Here are a few reasons you should clean the exterior or your home regularly.

1. It Boosts Your Curb Appeal

Environmental debris can accumulate in your home leaving it looking neglected and unkempt. Washing the exterior of your home can make your home look newer, neater, and certainly cleaner which boosts your curb appeal and can increase the value of your home by as much as 11%. You can get your home squeaky clean with exterior cleaning services! 

2. It Protects the Structure of Your Home

Over time, dirt and debris can build up on your home's exterior. This buildup can lead to major problems, such as rust, rotting and structural damage. Regularly washing the outside of your home can prevent this damage and keep your home structurally sound. By washing the exterior of your home, you can prevent mold from eating away at your exterior. This can also prevent mold from ending up in your attic and walls, which can save you money in the long run. 

3. It Increases Your Homes Resale Value

If you neglect the exterior of your home, it can affect its resale value. Even if you plan to stay in your home long-term, it's still important to maintain it to keep it in good condition. If you plan to sell your home at any point, you'll want to keep its value high to get the most money for it. 

4. It Keeps You Healthier

Dirt, mold and pollen cling to the walls and windows of your home over time. This can exacerbate allergies and even work their way into your home. 

Regularly washing the exterior of your home can prevent this buildup, which is not only unsightly but can also be a health hazard. Exterior walls are especially susceptible to mold, so most experts recommend washing them at least once every year. If you live in a humid area, you should wash these more often, and make sure to use an exterior cleaning solution that kills mold spores. 

How Often Should You Consider Exterior Cleaning Services?

While there is no set time frame that applies to everyone, most homes need to be cleaned every 6-12 months. Consider more frequent cleanings if:

  • You are about to sell your home- If you are preparing your home to sell you will want it looking its absolute best. Cobwebs and mildew can turn off potential buyers. Exterior cleaning services will make your home look well taken care of and boost your curb appeal. 
  • You live in a wooded area- Trees can wreak havoc on the exterior of your home. They drop debris such as leaves, pollen and berries and attract wildlife such as birds and squirrels. If you have a lot of trees on your property you may find that your exterior gets dirty faster. 
  • You live in a harsh climate- If your home is subjected to high winds, sand, snow and ice, or excessive humidity you may find that your home accumulates dirt, mold and mildew faster. It’s important to keep homes in these areas clean so the elements don’t wear down the exterior.
  • You plan to paint- If you plan to paint your home or restrain your deck, it's recommended that you thoroughly clean the area first. This ensures that your new coat of paint or stain adheres smoothly. Plan to have your exterior cleaned at least 2 days before you paint so that there’s plenty of time for the area to dry. 

Can I Clean My Home’s Exterior Myself?

If you are a DIY warrior with a lot of free time, this project can be accomplished on your own with a ladder, a scrub brush and a whole lot of elbow grease. However, hiring an exterior cleaning service is the safest and easiest way to get the job done. 

Before you try tackling your exterior cleaning on your own, here are a few reasons you should consider hiring professionals:

  • You could damage your home- Whether it’s using the wrong cleaning chemicals on your vinyl siding or knocking off a few shingles from pressure washing incorrectly, you could end up paying more to repair the damage than it would have cost to have your exterior professionally cleaned.
  • You could get injured- Perching on tall ladders and crawling across slippery roofs is not for the faint of heart. Leave the acrobatics to the pros, especially if you have a large home. 
  • It takes a lot longer- You can spend the whole weekend scrubbing your home with a scrub brush, or you can let the experts get the whole job done in a few hours or less. Even if you have a pressure washer, it probably won’t blast away the dirt as safely or efficiently as a commercial washer. 

Get Exterior Cleaning Services from ReadyClean 

The exterior of your home is regularly exposed to rain, snow, ice, birds, squirrels, bugs, tree debris, pollen and air pollutants. It deserves all the same care and attention that you give to your living room or bedroom.

A well-kept home has better curb appeal, a higher property value and it’s less likely to need costly maintenance and repair.

If you are ready to have the dirt, grime and mold washed off of your home, call the experts at ReadyClean Exterior Cleaning Services. We have to skills to clean all of the exterior surfaces of your home, from roof to foundation, safely and efficiently. 

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Overall great experience. I called several places to get an estimate to clean out my gutters and for gutter guards since I live in a neighborhood with tons of big trees. Grant immediately contacted me and came out to my house to give me an estimate. He answered all my questions and was so easy to talk to about the services. It was so easy to work with everyone to pay the deposit and set up my appointment. The day they came out, Aaron sent me a text when he was on his way. Everyone was so nice and professional. They worked hard to clean out my very dirty gutters and put gutter guards on my house and garage. They look great and I’m so happy with every aspect of using Ready Clean Exterior Services. I have been recommending them to everyone I’ve talked to and I can’t wait to use their services again in the future!

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